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Welcome to our events page! 

We recently added group e-collar training to our list of programs. These events will be available only to dogs known to us. (Ex: daycare clients or those who have previously completed a training program) They will be a single class, 1 hour, total cost is $11.50, and they will not be offered as a set package or set schedule. Further classes will be scheduled as dates and times allow. We plan to offer a few different versions of this class so please read the description carefully as we will not be able to cover everything in each class.


E-collars classes we plan to offer:

Intro: how to fit your collar, what the buttons do, learn training phases. Your dog should already understand leash pressure and know basic commands.


Basics: layering e-collar pressure over known commands, teaching e-collar sit, down, place, recall. You should already understand how your remote and collar work, you should be able to find a working level, your dog should understand leash pressure.


Off Property/Off Leash recall: The lesson will take place fully outside the building (locations will vary). You should already understand how the collar works, your dog should have a solid verbal recall indoors.


Walk: The entire lesson will focus on improving your walking skills, remaining in a heel position, and controlling your dog around distractions (locations will vary). You should already understand how your remote and collar work, you should be able to find a working level.


If your dog is fully e-collar trained, you are still welcome to attend the Intro class to work on distractions but advanced training questions will not be answered. If you attend the Basic level of training, we will not be going over how to turn equipment on or how to fit it properly. These classes will be offered more than once. 

No upcoming events at the moment
E-Collar Classes


If you would like to be notified when we offer e-collar training classes, please submit your email below.


These classes will be for clients who have completed beginner class or private lessons.

Thank you!

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