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One-On-One Training

Private Package - 6 Lessons

Are you struggling to work with your dog? Not sure where to start? Overwhelmed by conflicting advice? I’m here to help if you’re willing to learn! Whether you need to go back to basics or you want to up your training skills I can put you and your dog on the path to success.


One-on-ones allow for a more controlled environment with lessons geared for your specific goals with your dog. Your one-on-one package will cover the basic commands such as sit/stay, down/stay, place, recall and leash manners. The program will include six 1 hour lessons. The first lesson is at my home, after that it is up to you where we train. Your dog will learn at their pace and we will troubleshoot right in the moment!


We work the 3 D’s, distance, duration and distraction to truly set both you and your dog up for success! You will learn the basics of prong collar training and how to achieve a calm mindset. One-on-ones are not intended for dogs with more serious issues such as resource guarding, reactivity, intense fear and aggression. If you are dealing with any of these issues please check out the Board and Train program we offer.

  • $300*

  • 6 lessons

  • Training tailored to your dog 

  • Ongoing support throughout the program


*Pricing does not include tax or a prong collar. The collar is $35 and will be added to your invoice.

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