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Daycare runs 7 days a week! Our weekday drop offs are 7:30-9am and pickups are from 3:30-5:30. Weekend drop off is 8-9am, pick ups 4-5pm. The cost is $32+tax. We are at 368 Keltic Drive. Dogs must arrive on leash, no exceptions, and no dogs are to interact during these times. We will be adding new dogs to our program and meeting on-leash is the worst way for dogs to meet! Please bring all training tools you use with your dog (leash, collar, prong, e-collar). One person in the building at a time and we do require masks.


All full time staff will be trained in canine first aid and we will have a high staff to dog ratio. We are really proud of how we run things and will be offering a structured approach to services, not typical with most daycares. This means small play groups, where we can manage obedience and behaviors, ensuring every dog has a good experience. We will also included structured walks off property, scheduled downtime, and off leash excursions for those with recall training.

For dogs to be accepted into our daycare program we require permission to use appropriate training tools to modify behavior, we do not allow dangerous or bad behaviors. These tools includes prong collars, remote collars, bark collars, slip leads, flat buckle collars, martingale collars, pet convincers and bonkers. 

We are still accepting clients into our daycare program but are currently pulling from our waitlist. Join the list here!

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