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What is the purpose of the meet and greet? 

What areas do you serve?

All walking clients will be required to take part in a meet and greet. This lets staff get to know you and your dog in a controlled and comfortable setting. This will help us better gauge where your dog fits and what services would be best. 

What times can I schedule your services?

We offer walking. daycare and boarding services Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm

and on weekends 8am-5pm

What forms of payment do you accept?

Village Dogs  accepts cash, cheque, debit and credit cards and e-transfer. Debit and credit payments are handled through WePay through your Time To Pet account. Invoices can be sent out weekly or monthly.

What happens if there is an emergency?

You will be contacted immediately to decide on a course of action. If you can not be reached your dog will be taken to the nearest veterinarian for medical attention. 

Will my dog be safe?

All full time staff are trained in Canine First Dogs will be leashed at all times, with the exception of off leash walks. Groups are organized based on personality and temperament to ensure compatibility. Additionally, Village Dogs is fully insured. 

What will I require to use your services? How do I get started?

All dogs in our care must be up to date on vaccines and be registered with the CBRM.  You will also need to provide any leash, collar or harnesses your dog requires. 

How do I register my dog with the CBRM?

Tags can be purchased at the SPCA located at 401 East Broadway. Tags are valid from January 1st - December 31st and are $10. For more information or hours of operation please contact the Cape Breton SPCA at (902) 539-7722.

Our walking program currently serves Westmount, Coxheath and Sydney River. If you live outside these areas please contact us to let us know you are interested as we do have plans to expand!

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