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Board & Train


Our 3 week board and train will focus on creating a calmer dog who listens in all environments. Your dog may have great obedience at home but is struggling with real world distractions, a time when you need obedience the most. Board and train allows your dog to be fully immersed in a controlled atmosphere with one-on-one attention. We work specifically with your dog’s issues to find the best strategies to set them up for success! Dog training is a lifestyle, not a series of tricks. During this program your dog will learn crate training as well as the basic commands: sit, down, place, heel, come/recall. We will also address all forms of unwanted behaviour such as reactivity, resource guarding, separation anxiety, fear/insecurity, jumping, nipping/mouthing, and counter surfing. We use e-collars and prong collars in all of our board and train programs. When used properly, e-collars are an extremely humane and gentle way of dog training. By using low levels of e-collar stimulation dogs learn much faster because the communication between handler and dog is very clear.


  • $2000* - 3 week program

  • Two go home sessions, 1.5 hours each

  • At home follow up session

  • On going training support for life


*Pricing does not include tax or an e-collar. E-collars range in price from $260-$360, depending on the dog. This will be purchased for you and added to your invoice.


Board & Train
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